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4' x 6' English Bespoke Hand Made Oak Drop Leaf Table Cross Banded with Yew Wood. Available for Pre-Order, 5 Month Lead Time.

The table is a reproduction and available as a pre-order. The table is custom made for us in England and will have a 5 month lead time.

A 4' x 6' hand-spoked and waxed oval oak drop-leaf table cross-banded with yew wood resting on pad feet from Great Britain. Please notice how the gleaming wax finish accentuates the wood grain. The vivid contrast between the dark English oak and the golden yew wood is wonderfully dramatic. This table is based on the antique English and Welsh wake tables that originally would have had gate legs to hold up the drop leaves. The drop leaves are now held in place by slides (lopers) that allow more spaciousness and comfort while dining. The table has four legs each ending in a pad foot with a lovely tapered circular profile. The top surface of the table is hand planed and possesses a subtle change as a hand is moved across the top. This technique accentuates the antique quality of the table even though it has the durability of a new piece. Please note that the legs of this table have been placed so a person seated at either end has room for knees and legs (especially important for men) while being inset far enough for the persons seated along the sides may cross their legs (especially important for women). Because the table sides drop independantly of each other this table is ideal for use when a large number of people are being served as one or two leaves may be dropped to create a buffet that floats in the centre of a room or stands against a wall. This table is also available in a 5' x 7' and 5' x 8' size.4' x 6' English Bespoke Hand Made Oak Drop Leaf Table Cross Banded with Yew Wood.

# RDT1103B


72.00" w x 48.00" d x 30.00" h

182.88cm w x 121.92cm d x 76.20cm h