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Antique Italian Classical Marble Head of a Man Sculpture circa 1800

The beauty and rarity of this antique Italian Classical marble head of a man sculpture circa 1800 is striking. Sculpted after Roman originals from the BC era the bold rendering of the features demonstrate skill and prowess. Notice the deep set eyes, thick and wavy hair, deeply modeled nose and mouth as well as the color and texture of the antique marble. Do make use of the enlarge and zoo features offered on our website to see all of these details. Because the mouth is open this Italian sculpture may have been used as a waterspout in a garden or villa. The custom iron stand made to display the sculpture is also substantial as the marble head is quite heavy. Designed to fully support the head to be seen from all sides with maximum visibility.
# 007YGCW16


11.00" w x 10.00" d x 24.00" h

27.94cm w x 25.40cm d x 60.96cm h