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Antique Dutch Parade Armor Shield Baroque circa 1885

A striking Dutch parade shield circa 1880 featuring a Baroque style scene of warring figures. The inverted teardrop shape has a double border of ribbon twist with a band of male and females interspersed with dragons. In the center at the top is a large figure wielding a raised arm astride a winged dragon. At the base is a large female figure with arms outstretched in support of the scene above. The shield celebrates the exuberance of the Baroque and the gleam of the metal was especially powerful when the shield was held during a military parade. Please enlarge the photographs to see these incredible details in closeup. On the reverse is a copper hanger marked Belgium 1757.
# 04JFMA16


21.50" w x 2.50" d x 29.50" h

54.61cm w x 6.35cm d x 74.93cm h