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Antique English Regency Mahogany Chest of Drawers circa 1830

The clean and simple lines of this antique English Regency period mahogany chest of drawers reflects the simplicity desirable in the beginning of the nineteenth century. Cabinetmakers utilized the latest availability of beautiful timber afforded by the invention of the steam engine to create beautiful pieces. Notice the drawers are still retain the original newspaper linings (one photo even shows the date in America!) to ensure the clothing inside was protected from rubbing against the timber. Both the top and the four drawer fronts are inlaid with a single line of satinwood to give both definition and contrast against the luscious colour of the mahogany. This was important because at the time most interiors remained dependant on firelight and candles for lighting. Even the brass handles on this antique English chest of drawers contribute to the overall appearance of elegance. When looking at the photographs please notice the striking play of the grain of the mahogany across the front of the drawers. Set in a book matched pattern the mahogany appears to be open like the wings of a butterfly as they reflect the organic movement of the grain across the surface of each drawer. Elevated on bracket feet (easy to clean under!) this is a chest of drawers to use every day. Although no one will ever see the reverse (since it will be placed against the wall) the original paper backing in a floral pattern showing the passage of time is a cool element of this chest.

# 005URM3


37.00" w x 19.00" d x 35.50" h

93.98cm w x 48.26cm d x 90.17cm h

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