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Antique French Baroque Italian Style Gold Mirror France circa 1875 (35 1/2"w x 43 1/2"h)

A beautiful antique French gold leaf Baroque Italian Florentine style mirror circa 1875 enclosing the original bevelled mirror glass. The intricate open work on this frame and the manner in which the centre rectangle is thrust forward while the frame recedes at a slant to meet the wall is a hallmark of the bold beauty of the Baroque. Please use the enlarge and zoom feature on our website for each photograph to see the numerous details that give this frame such a sculptural impact. The overall shape of the frame is rectangular but within this the elaborate scroll work intertwines to mimic the natural curve of grapevines. Each corner of the frame is in the shape of an acanthus leaf derived from ancient classical decoration while in the middle of each side there is a full stylized scallop shell. The symmetrical placement of these motifs amongst the swirl of the open work gives the frame a wonderful balance while showcasing its beauty. The gold leaf finish to the surface increases the reflective quality of the antique mirror glass while the pierced areas of the frame give a contrasting darkness that highlights the glitter of the frame. The antique beveled mirror possesses the wonderful variations in its reflection as well as the usual bubbles, speckles and sparkle that give it such an attractive quality. Because the frame is symmetrical in shape it may be placed either vertically or horizontally over a fireplace or piece of furniture where its great scale and intriguing pattern will enhance the appearance of any interior.

# PH8


35.50" w x 3.50" d x 43.50" h

90.17cm w x 8.89cm d x 110.49cm h