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Antique French Gilt Bronze Bouillotte Lamp with Three Arms Tôle Shade circa 1890

A stylish antique French bronze and gilt bronze Louis XIV Regence style bouillotte lamp circa 1890. Please enlarge the photographs to see the intricate details of the cast brass that give this antique French lamp its decorative appeal. The term "bouillotte" refers to the classic French gambling card game which the aristocracy was mad for playing in the eighteenth century. Fortunes were made and lost at the gaming tables of the upper class including the Royal Household. Originally this French bouillotte lamp had a candle in each arm and the solid metal (tôle) shade was able to raise and lower as the candles burned down in order to shield the player's eyes from the light while allowing them to see their cards and gaming counters. Please see the photograph where we show a hand on the screw that loosens and tightens the height of the shade. The use of solid dark bronze in contrast to gilded bronze was an especially popular treatment of the material and in a room illuminated only by candlelight the three golden bronze figures on this French lamp would have appeared to float amongst the darkness. Now wired for American electricity with each arm fitted for a chandelier base bulb. 

# 011DEAM52-1


13.50" w x 13.50" d x 26.00" h

34.29cm w x 34.29cm d x 66.04cm h