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(On Hold) Antique French Louis Philippe Walnut Chest of Drawers France circa 1860

(On Hold) A handsome antique French walnut Louis Philippe chest of drawers from France circa 1860. The exceptional burl walnut veneer used in this Louis Philippe chest is remarkable. Please note how the cabinetmaker chose to sheathe not only the front but both the left and right sides of this antique chest with a fully realized pattern of matched walnut. The visual cascade of the grain is perfectly beautiful and immediately draws the eye. During the reign of Louis Philippe (1830-1848) the use of gas lighting was widespread and enabled cabinet makers to offer more varieties of furnishings to take advantage of brightly lighted interiors. This walnut chest is such a piece. As this is an original example note that the drawers are meant to be opened and closed with a key as there are no knobs or handles. Just beneath the top of the chest is another drawer that is opened by gently pulling forward on each side. This profile, known as "cavetto" after the original Italian, is a distinctive element of the Louis Philippe style and is echoed in the feet the chest stands upon. Even the top surface of this antique Louis Philippe chest of drawers features four book matched sections of vividly grained walnut creating a mesmerizing pattern.

# 004JVLA105


50.75" w x 24.50" d x 36.00" h

128.91cm w x 62.23cm d x 91.44cm h