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Antique French Louis Philippe Walnut Table circa 1850

This Louis Philippe antique French walnut table circa 1850 showcases two cabinet making skills combined in one piece. Please look at the gorgeous walnut timber which covers the drawer front and apron of this side table with its luscious organic pattern. Immediately visible when entering a room this type of figured timber has always been highly prized for quality furniture. This walnut table was made to be moved about a room as needed because it is finished on all four sides with handsome timber. Notice how the top also showcases exceptional walnut with the central section enclosed within a frame. Second, examine the handsome profile of the four legs. Each walnut leg was turned on a lathe incorporating a specific pattern to the series of in and out movement that gives the legs their visual appeal. Interestingly at some point the owner of this table decided to keep private papers within the drawer and had a lock fitted to the upper right of the centre drawer pull. Who knows what needed such protection?

# 005WFM33


22.50" w x 31.50" d x 28.00" h

57.15cm w x 80.01cm d x 71.12cm h