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Antique French Memento Mori Stone Iron Sculpture from France circa 1890

A striking antique Italian sculpture "Memento Mori" from Italy 1890 focusing on the fleeting quality of our earthly life. Standing upon a slab of stone the skull sits on a verdant naturalistic colored glass mount that thrusts its bone structure forward. Entwining the skull are a pair of realistically modeled iron snakes as well as an iron crab. The term memento mori is Latin for "remember that you have to die" and was a favorite theme in Latin Christian art. Used as a means of reflecting upon how quickly our life passes and the useless pursuit of material things this sculpture is an excellent reminder to live life every day. Please be sure to enlarge and zoom on the photographs to see the passage of time that has left its mark on this sculpture. Even though this is a piece with a challenging message it is quite remarkable and will bring pleasure to anyone who values a daily reminder of what is important.

# 0090VLA92


11.00" w x 9.50" d x 15.00" h

27.94cm w x 24.13cm d x 38.10cm h