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Huge French Art Deco Painted Iron Grille circa 1930 (116" wide x 48" high)

This enormous French Art Deco iron grille circa 1930 features a marvelous design of iron sprays reminiscent of water jets from an exuberant fountain. Divided into six sections the outer flat iron frame encloses the individually applied sprays and the contrast between the rectangular frame and the curved interior elements creates an arresting appearance. Notice that the frame was originally bolted into the wall of a structure (the small holes are visible in one of the photographs) to provide both a decorative appearance as well as providing security. The iron frame retains its original painted surface with natural oxidation. We envision this as a large scale decoration in a grand room or hallway but we believe this would be an enchanting headboard stretching across a wall to encompass both the mattress and the side tables or chests. When the lamps are lighted what fantastic shadows would be cast across the entire surface!

# 0020MJ27


0.50" w x 116.00" d x 47.00" h

1.27cm w x 294.64cm d x 119.38cm h