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Vintage French Champagne Riddling Wine Rack Custom Mounted on an Iron Base

A terrific reuse of a traditional vintage champagne riddling rack mounted on a custom made industrial iron stand. When champagne is is in the fermenting process the bottles need to be turned on a regular schedule known as "riddling" to ensure the even distribution of yeast. Wooden racks with shaped and slanted holes for the bottle necks ensure correct placement and wet corks. Now this rack from the famous company Ste. Leban of Epernay France known for their superior construction. The stand has been made to ensure storage for sixty bottle of wine in a natural manner and the iron has been left unsealed to encourage oxidation and patination growth across its surface. This is a one of a kind example.  

# 005LVLA26


16.00" w x 29.00" d x 63.00" h

40.64cm w x 73.66cm d x 160.02cm h