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Charles X Antique French Gold Mirror circa 1840 (30" w x 46" h)

A handsome Charles X antique French gold leaf mirror circa 1840. Please note that the symmetrical aspect of this mirror frame ensures it may be hung either vertically or horizontally. There is a unique aspect to this frame visible in each of the four corners of the frame where a well modeled spiral seashell appears in the centre of each sculptural motif. The outer border of the frame features a rope twist pattern set between each of the four corners while the inner border of the frame features four slender bands of different patterns to create a sense of raised sculptural relief. In between the inner and outer edges of the frame the smooth section of gold leaf is embellished with a beautiful pattern of incised leaves upon a vine scrolling across the entire expanse. The change from a raised pattern to an incised line accentuates the difference in the various areas of the frame and took advantage of the increased amount of light available in an interior as the nineteenth century progressed. Please enlarge the photographs to see both the fabulous quality of the gold leaf frame as well as the marvelous antique mercury glass enclosed by the frame. The speckles, spots and bubbles indicative of antique glass add immeasurably to the overall appeal of this handsome antique French mirror and frame.

# ELE97B


30.00" w x 3.00" d x 46.00" h

76.20cm w x 7.62cm d x 116.84cm h