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Custom Made Shagreen Black Leather Box USA 2000

This handsome custom made box features the luxury material made especially famous during the Art Deco period, shagreen, as well as black leather. Utilized by the most creative designers including Jacques Ruhlmann and Jean-Michel Frank (extraordinary Art Deco designers and makers of the most sumptuous furnishings) shagreen is actually the sun dried skin of a stingray. Notable for its raised pebble like texture and ability to be smoothed to a beautifully reflective surface shagreen is limited in quantity as well as requiring exceptionally skillful handling to achieve its distinctive appearance. This box is made entirely by hand with its dramatic moulded profile entirely sheathed in matched sections of Italian leather. Please notice how the pattern is perfectly placed so the box is able to be seen from every direction with equal pleasure.

# 005FZ06


12.50" w x 10.00" d x 3.00" h

31.75cm w x 25.40cm d x 7.62cm h