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Directoire Empire Style Antique French Painted Chair circa 1850

A Directoire Empire style painted side chair from France circa 1850. Please look closely at the distinctive design details that comprise the makeup of this chair. The two front legs have an elegant shape created from a single piece of timber that has been turned on a lathe to create an undulating taper enhanced by three ring turnings before ending on a spherical foot. The apron above the legs is straight with a slightly indented horizontal band. Above each of the front legs is a square block with a circular medallion visible from the front and sides. The two back legs on each chair extend from the ground all the way to the top in a single continuous curve. This method of construction ensures the stability of the chair as it supports weight of each individual occupant. The seat has been freshly upholstered in a lichen coloured suede chosen for its complementary appearance with the original painted finish. The back of the chair exemplifies the beauty of the Directoire period that follows the end of the reign of louis XVI at the end of the eighteenth century . Please notice the choice of symmetrically carved elements that include the large covered urn placed in a central location on the upper section flanked by a pair of laurel wreath garlands that join it to the lower left and right corners. Each of the four corners within the recessed panel feature a quarter of a fan that repeats the design of the circular medallion above the front legs. Below this panel is an open section centred on a vertical splat that contains an oval open frame showcasing a stylized plant in an urn with six scrolling leaves with a tall spike in the centre. This design stands upon a horizontal element that duplicates the form of the apron below the seat. The last trait to be aware of is the backward curve of the upright sides that ends in a simple scroll. This gives a sense of movement to the overall design of the chair and frames it nicely Because of its size this is a perfect chair to provide an extra seat in a living room, bedroom or even a bath where a singular design statement is called for. The contrast between the dark and light paint colours is extremely pleasing and adds to the overall quality of this chair.

# 019CBH551


18.00" w x 17.00" d x 34.00" h

45.72cm w x 43.18cm d x 86.36cm h