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Edwardian English Sheraton Mahogany Sideboard circa 1910

An Edwardian period English mahogany sideboard with a serpentine front from England circa 1910. The lush mahogany timber embellished with carved details embodies England's love of exotic timber. Having a deep rich color and elegant proportions this English sideboard has a body with a cabinet door on the left and a drawer in the center as well as the right hand side. Modeled after an 18th century original sideboard this fine example of Englsih cabinetmaking uses both carving (seen in the shaped molding of the front edge) as well as carved details (the ribbon pattern on the center drawer and the oval wreaths on the left door and right drawer front as well as the top section of the front four legs where a bell flower cascade is situated. Each leg ends in a spade foot, an especial favorite of Sheraton, with the center two legs following the curve of the serpentine and placed at an angle to the outer legs. The depth at the sides is 21 1/2"d sides while in the center the depth is 22 1/2" deep. 

# 010YTKC6


60.00" w x 22.50" d x 35.50" h

152.40cm w x 57.15cm d x 90.17cm h