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Set Eight Antique French Faience Hand Painted Plates France circa 1880

A set of eight antique French hand painted faience plates from France circa 1880 each with individually depicted flowers in bloom. The earthenware plates have each been covered in a traditional heavy white glaze with the decoration hand applied. because this finish is more brittle than that of pocelain or majolica barbotine these plates shows signs of the passage of time expected of plates this old. Perfect for display where a touch of luscious colour is needed these plates may also be used for serving salad and desserts as long they are hand washed and dried.

# P108


9.25" w x 9.25" d x 1.00" h

23.50cm w x 23.50cm d x 2.54cm h


A set of eight antique French Barbotine ware hand painted plates circa 1880 with flowers.