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Enormous Vintage Italian Ceramic Glazed Vessel Ruffo Giuntini circa 1960

The spectacular size and color of this vintage Italian ceramic vase vessel by Ruffo Giuntini is breathtaking. Modeled after a Classical form the utter simplicity of this grand scale vase vessel is highlighted by the luminous orange glaze Please enlarge the photographs to see the details in closeup including the hand made qualities as well as the artist's initial on the underside. The glazed surface has a wonderful ripple indicating its hand made creation. Note the manner in which the glaze extends to the inside of the neck of the vase and how the two handles frame the body in a geometric fashion. Of course since this is a vintage piece that has lived outside there are marks celebrating the passage of time.

# 014MFMA5


24.00" w x 24.00" d x 24.50" h

60.96cm w x 60.96cm d x 62.23cm h