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Two Tang Dynasty Style Glazed Pottery Parrots from China Offered Separately

This flock of two Tang Dynasty style hand painted glazed pottery parrots from China follow the antique originals. First appearing from 618-907 during the Tang Dynasty parrots were known as "divine birds" especially during the reign of Emperor Xuanzong. Please notice how each bird has a different pattern of glazed colors at the open base with realistically moderled feathers and beaks. Each parrot is offered individually at the listed price and possess a great scale at over 17" high. Whether grouped together or displayed as a single example these parrots have a definite delightful presence.

# 0100HGS41


5.50" w x 8.00" d x 17.75" h

13.97cm w x 20.32cm d x 45.09cm h