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Huge Antique Belgian Solid Iron Antwerp City Emblem Architectural Reclaimed Salvage circa 1880

This architectural solid iron shield emblem circa 1890 is featured on the covered walkway along the Schelde River in Antwerp, Belgium. Placed at the peak of each roof section the three dimensional and sculptural presence of the shield is remarkably memorable. Please enlarge the photographs to see the exceptional detail in closeup. The fully rounded cap is embellished with wings similar to the Roman god Hermes and is elevated above the shield proper. Directly beneath the helmet are two facing serpents entwined around the central shaft.Note the bold scale of the anchor entwined with seafaring rope at the base of the shield and the eight spoked wheel all of which evoke the connection of Antwerp to the riches of ocean trade over the past centuries. The photographs show the reverse of the piece to emphasize the amazing industrial capacity of the nineteenth century. Each separate piece needed its own mold and then was finished before being assembled together to create a single impressive presentation. The finish is original and shows the passage of time in an exemplary fashion. There are two of these examples of reclaimed architectural salvage available. And they are heavy as they are each solid iron weighing 250 pounds apiece. We have created a simple stand to display these pieces upright and they are included with each shield.
# 040AFA2


42.00" w x 24.00" d x 60.00" h

106.68cm w x 60.96cm d x 152.40cm h