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Huge Petrified Tree Trunk Pedestal Column Table on Stand

A huge petrified wood tree trunk pedestal column table mounted on a steel stand. This enormous slab of petrified wood was excavated from swampland where it remained submerged for thousands of years and slowly absorbed minerals that took the shpe of the actual tree. The amazingly variegated surface has ripples and folds and a variety of colors that provide a textural as well as a visual experience. The roughly squared oblong shape has now been mounted on a custom stand that elevates the petrified wood. Please enlarge all the photographs to see the details in closeup. This is a very heavy piece of of stone so once it is placed the column pedestal is not going anywhere!

# 008LHGS2


20.00" w x 16.00" d x 42.00" h

50.80cm w x 40.64cm d x 106.68cm h