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Huge Vintage Swiss Copper Chocolate Vat Cauldron circa 1890

An enormous copper chocolate vat from Switzerland circa 1890 with the original iron handle. Made from sheets of copper riveted together this huge vat was used in the large scale production of chocolate. Entirely circular with a rounded base the chocolate vat has a rolled rim and large half loops on opposite sides to support the massive iron handle. The monumental size of this artifact from the 19th century is extraordinary and has a sculptural appeal. We continue to be astonished by the hand made surface visible on the interior and exterior and envision it as a garden focal point or transformed into an unexpected fountain.

# 02BBE318


47.00" w x 36.00" d x 40.00" h

119.38cm w x 91.44cm d x 101.60cm h

Sale Price $3,771.60 Regular Price $5,388.00