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Large Antique Dutch Painted Chest of Drawers circa 1850

An antique Dutch painted chest of drawers circa 1850. The strong and bold lines of this chest indicate it was an important storage piece for the original owner as the broad and tall shape allows for exceptionally large drawers. The top of the chest is intriguing with its slightly raised surface set in just a slight way from the edges. This style of construction is seen in northern Holland, over to Germany and even up into Scandinavia. The chest is also unusual in that the left and right sides extend all the way to the floor in order to frame the three drawers at the front. When viewed from the front though the cabinet man reveals the influence of English furniture through the pair of shaped supports seen on the left and right beneath the drawers that in England are known as bracket feet. Each large drawer is set within a supportive framework with moulded borders that are slightly raised while the drawer fronts themselves are flat. Please enlarge the additional photographs offered on our website to see up close the amazing richly textured surface. The original paint that remains visible here has bubbled, cracked, crazed and otherwise exhibits the wonderful passage of time in order to create such a unique sensibility. This is a surface that calls out for a touch with the hand to feel its slight variations from side to side. Where the black paint has flaked off there are signs of a beautiful red undercoat that was applied before the black. The beautiful juxtaposition of the two colours adds depth and lustre to the appearance of the chest. In addition, the drawers are affixed with antique circular brass pulls with an embossed Classical design of a warrior bust seen in profile. The outer border of each pull is beaded and the brass is polished to provide a defined contrast against the black paint. This is important to remember as the chest was most likely in a room where the fire and candles were lit so the gleam of the luxurious brass added a richness to the decorative front while serving as a visual guide when reaching for them to open the chest. When placed in a twenty-first century interior this chest will be striking both for its scale but also for the sheer intrigue provided by the antique finish visible from any direction.
# ELE16


54.00" w x 22.00" d x 38.00" h

137.16cm w x 55.88cm d x 96.52cm h