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Live Edge Organic Modern Teak Table from Indonesia

A unique organic modern natural teak table made from a single slab of teak mounted on custom teak tree trunk legs. The amazing shape of this solid teak top reflects the sculptural shape of the tree itself. Please be sure to enlarge the photographs to see the details that give this teak table its individual quality. The solid 4" thick slab of timber has been hand sanded to remove any bark so it is perfectly smooth. We see this as a striking writing table desk or dining table as it is finished on all four sides and may be viewed with equal impact from every direction. 38" wide at widest point of flared end. The pale color reflects the original color of the timber and may be stained and polished if desired.

# 0110HGS68


70.00" w x 22.50" d x 30.75" h

177.80cm w x 57.15cm d x 78.11cm h