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Louis Philippe Antique French Painted Mahogany Bibliotheque Display Cabinet Bookcase circa 1870

An unusual painted antique French Louis Philippe mahogany bibliotheque display cabinet bookcase circa 1870. The upper crown has a flared profile that extends forward and to both sides of the top while beneath the crown there are two cabinet doors placed side by side. Both of the cabinet doors retain their original antique glass with enchanting movement across the surface due to its age. The right door contains a metal escutcheon (the plate that guides the key through the door to the inside lock) with a circular brass pull beneath it while the left door has a matching brass pull to make the opening and closing of the doors an easily accomplished task. When opened the doors lay flat across the cabinet and reveal an interior that has three adjustable shelves for maximum flexibility of display. The interior also has a white painted surface that gives a wonderful contrast to the exterior black paint. The base of the cabinet contains not only a pair of closed cabinet doors but also a drawer that is opened not with pulls or any kind of visible hardware but by pulling and pushing gently upon the underside of the lower edge of the drawer. The cabinet maker's clever use of a slight change to the front profile of the cabinet gives this option so the drawer appears as a concealed element of the overall design. Both of the lower cabinet doors feature a recessed panel with a distinctive shape to the upper and lower frames of the door. Again both doors have a circular brass knob to open and close the doors as seen on the upper doors. When the lower doors are opened the entire interior is revealed with full access possible. Please note that the inside of the left door retains its original slide bolt that secures the left door when it is closed. When this bolt is engaged the door is securely fastened and may not be opened without opening the right door first. The entire cabinet stands upon a substantial plinth base that gives an architectural solidity to the design. Of course the craftsman who made this cabinet knew that it would be moved from place to place and so it is constructed in both an upper and lower section for ease of transport. The balanced quality of the cabinet is quite handsome and ensures that it will be a lovely focal point wherever it is used in an interior. Because it has both open display and closed storage it is not only functional but also highly decorative. The upper section has adjustable shelves that are each 10" deep.

# 020QMJA16


48.00" w x 20.50" d x 92.00" h

121.92cm w x 52.07cm d x 233.68cm h