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(On Hold) Antique French Louis Philippe Cherrywood Buffet Credenza Sideboard circa 1850

On Hold. This antique French Louis Philippe cherrywood buffet credenza sideboard circa 1850 has all the hallmarks of a cabinet perfectly suited for  a modern interior. The handsome simplicity of this antique French cabinet showcases the superb quality of the cherry timber, especially the matched pattern featured on the pair of cabinet doors. Notice how the skilled cabinetmaker enclosed the striking grain of the bookmatched cherry panels within a framewoork to be sure the pattern was the focus. Above the two cabinet doors is a pair of drawers notable for the shape of their fronts known as "cavettoo" moulding after the original Italian examples. This recognizable profile is a hallmark of pieces designed during the reign of King Louis Philippe of France (1830-1848) and is seen repeated in the shaped profile of the feet that elevate the French buffet. Both sides have a recessed panel design as the cherry buffet was designed to be seen from all directions. When open both drawers are fully accessible as is the interior behind the cabinet doors which has a shelf extending from the left to right sides. Bold timber, luscious colour, modern silhouette.

# 0063PVA63


19.75" w x 51.25" d x 38.00" h

50.17cm w x 130.18cm d x 96.52cm h