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(On Hold) Antique French Louis XVI Walnut Chest of Drawers circa 1790

The gorgeous honey caramel colour on this antique French Louis XVI walnut chest of drawers circa 1790 is an absolute pleasure to behold. Polished to a lustrous patina this French walnut chest has three drawers at the top with two lower wider drawers beneath. In true Louis XVI fashion both of the front corner vertical columns are circular in shape highlighted with grooved fluting chosen to accentuate the elegant appearance of the chest. Please notice how the top of the chest has a thumbnail moulded edge that follows the rounded profile of the legs. This overall harmony of detail is what makes superior French cabinet making so desirable. There are three drawers located directly beneath the top with the outer two drawers opened with a simple geometric Louis XVI gilded bronze handle. Interestingly the centre drawer is opened with a key and when the photograph is enlarged it reveals a diamond shaped lozenge of contrasting coloued timber framing the keyhole. This drawer is accessed by using an iron key and the original use of the lighter coloured timber was to give a direction for the key when the illumination in the interior was low. Both the middle and lower drawers are fitted with a pair of the same handle as the top drawers as well as a cast brass escutcheon with a decorative design. Both front legs end in a circular foot known as a "toupie" which in French means spinning top. Even the back support features fluting as well as a square taper foot. Because this chest was also meant to be viewed from the sides as well as the front there is an interesting configuration to each side. The horizontal bar that separates the upper and lower sections provides a visual break as the upper recessed panel showcases its grain in a horizontal manner while the lower panel has the grain placed in a vertical running direction. a small detail but one that indicates a level of awareness on the part of the cabinet maker as to whare the chest would be placed and what would make it the most intriguing.

# 0065VLA43


20.00" w x 45.75" d x 36.25" h

50.80cm w x 116.21cm d x 92.08cm h