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McIntosh Kirkcaldy Teak Two Leaf Teak Dining Table Scotland circa 1960

This modern McIntosh Kirkcaldy vintage teak dining table from Scotland circa 1960 features an unusual design with two leaves instead of the usual one leaf. The superb design of this table reflects the interest in Danish modern furniture and A. H. McIntosh of Kirkcaldy, Scotland was one of only two manufacturers in the UK at this time making modern furniture. Please enlarge and zoom on the photographs to see the elegant and pared down aesthetic this table employs to be such a marvelous example of this period. The round tapered legs fit beautifully into the apron of the table while the two sections of the top easily slide back and forth to reveal the two leaves. It is an ingenious mechanism that enables the two leaves to be raised and lowered individually and to use only one leaf or both leaves as desired. We have included photographs of both the maker's label as well as the patent pending label as they obviously felt this was a design worth protecting. Interestingly the table has a slight taper to the top for when looked at from above the middle of the table is 36" wide but each end is 35" wide. This slight taper gives the table an elegant profile and complements the rounded profile of the four legs. When closed the table measures 63" long and each of the two leaves adds another 15" to the length making the table almost 8 feet long when fully extended.  

# 010XGMA10


63.00" w x 36.00" d x 29.00" h

160.02cm w x 91.44cm d x 73.66cm h