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Mid Century Modern French Circular Vellum Shade Lamp circa 1975

A unique mid century modern French lamp from France circa 1975 reminiscent of designs by Pierre Cardin. The tall cylindrical shade features a metal frame enclosing a thin sheet of vellum (sheepskin) which sits upon the interior metal frame and conceals three light bulbs. The switch has a high-low setting which may be seen in the different colours of the lamp in the photographs. The sloping circular base is made of plastic. The shade actually lifts off the interior frame for ease of access to the light bulbs. The regular pattern of the cutout circles set with a grid is very Pop Art in style and fits perfectly with the sculptural aesthetic of the 1960's and 70's.

# 006LBAE4A


16.00" w x 16.00" d x 44.50" h

40.64cm w x 40.64cm d x 113.03cm h


Mid Century Tall Circular Vellum Shade Lamp, France c.1975.