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Modern Italian Circular Six Glass Petal Mirror Italy circa 1975

This large modern Italian mirror circa 1975 features six separate circular mirrors set in a flower petal design on a solid section of metal. The central mirror sets flat against the wall while each of the five evenly spaced mirrors are set at an angle to provide an intriguing reflection. The mirror is quite large, almost four feet in diameter, and has a striking presence in an interior. Our photographer was so enchanted by this mirror he couldn't resist being the model to show the individual reflections achieved by each of the six mirrors. Please be sure to enlarge the photographs to see how the mirror hangs upon the wall and each separate mirror glass. A totally cool artifact from the exuberance of Italy in the 1970's that retains its graphic visual appeal.
# 014DFMA2


46.00" w x 2.00" d x 46.00" h

116.84cm w x 5.08cm d x 116.84cm h