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Pair Antique French Four Arm Silverplate Sconces, Régence Style circa 1890

The unique appearance of these antique French sconces circa 1890 is due to their inspiration from the early eighteenth century period of the Régence before Louis XV ascended to the throne of France. During the reign of Louis XIII and Louis XIV French decorative arts were heavily influenced by Italian designs. This often included figures holding aloft torches and candles in both sconces and chandeliers as well as figural candlesticks. These sconces incorporate both softly rendered figures that make the backplate while the four candle arms are beautifully sweeping scrolls that support an open candle cup. The symmetry of the arms and their regular pattern of decorative details is a lovely contrast with the naturalistic figure at the wall plate section. This pair of antique French sconces have a silverplate finish (freshly polished and sealed) and were originally in a well to do household where they would be kept gleaming in order to provide the maximum amount of reflectiveness. Of course these Régence style French sconces remian suitable for candles they may also be easily wired for electricity. The sculptural pattern of these sconces indicate their early French origin and possess a unique ability to impart a lovely focal point in an interior.

# 0039FA29


9.75" w x 11.00" d x 9.50" h

24.77cm w x 27.94cm d x 24.13cm h