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Pair Antique French Louis XV Style Three Arm Silver Nickel Sconces circa 1880

This pair of sumptuously detailed antique French Louis XV style nickel silver sconces circa 1880 possesses the famously romantic details of the Rococo period. Please notice the lavish ornamentation on these French sconces with the design emphasis being upon the naturalistic swirls and flourishes inspired by the natural world. It is important to remember that during the long reign of Louis XV (1723-1774) France was at last at peace and all energy was devoted to the creation of magnificent architecture, interiors and dazzling fashion. The pursuit of gardening at vast estates was a noble pastime and the ability to bring the bounty of nature inside was quite desirable. This pair of three arm French sconces have a beautifully reflective silver nickel finish laid over the brass that highlights every luscious curve. Originally created for candles these sconces may easily be electrified and hard wired into a wall.

# 0038FC112


6.75" w x 10.50" d x 12.00" h

17.15cm w x 26.67cm d x 30.48cm h