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Pair Antique Italian Cast Bronze Candlesticks Italy circa 1875

A pair of boldly scaled antique Italian cast bronze candlesticks each standing upon three raised feet and having six candle nozzles from Italy circa 1875. These substantial candelabra showcase a defined style of both Baroque and Neoclassical motifs combined to create a striking impression. The base of each candelabra is elevated upon three individual scrolled feet featuring a putto figure astride a dolphin while holding a shell horn to the lips. This motif first appeared during the Renaissance but gained particular favour during the Baroque period in both Italy and France. The central column on each candelabra has a slight taper along with a reeded profile designed to capture the available light and give the column visual weight. The top of each column supports a handsome spread of five individual arms each terminating in a candle nozzle with the central candle nozzle set directly at the apex of each column. Please use the zoom feature offered on our website to see the individual details that make these candelabras an exceptional example of the bronze casting medium. These candelabra were designed to be a focal point within a room and would have always been placed upon a table to cast maximum illumination within the space. Because they were meant to be viewed as more than merely candlesticks they possess a sculptural dimension and make references and allusions to the ancient classical past considered common knowledge amongst the educated people of the later nineteenth century. Whether used with actual candles or chosen for their remarkable appearance for display within a room these candelabra will be a striking addition to any interior.

# 0204DP483


11.50" w x 11.50" d x 27.50" h

29.21cm w x 29.21cm d x 69.85cm h