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Pair Antique Italian Neoclassical Walnut Chests circa 1830

A pair of Neoclassical antique Italian walnut chest of drawers circa 1830 with an exciting profile. The unusual architecturally inspired shape of this pair of antique chests is quite impressive. Please enlarge all the photographs to follow along with this description of the details that give this pair of Italian chests their importance. The sumptuous matched walnut timber employed in the construction is an important factor in their overall desirability as is the uniquely shaped front corners. Each chest features a top defined by a wide band of figured walnut set at a forty five degree angle running along all four sides along with the front corners extending outward at an angle. The distinctive pattern of the walnut encloses a large rectangular section featuring a pair of matched walnut timbers set in a butterfly formation where one board is the mirror image of the other. Across the front of each of the chests in this pair the richly figured walnut is again set in a matched pattern to provide a continuous pattern of grain as the eye travels from side to side and up and down. This treatment was only possible because of the immense skill of both the designer and craftsman whose ability to see the possibilities in the original uncut walnut. Notice the raised bead of molding surrounding the three drawers and how the drawers are slightly recessed giving the façade a sense of movement as light plays across the surface. The corners of the chest fronts also repeat the forty five degree angle of the top and are embellished with a raised scroll and vertical applied molding that offers a decorative element against the architectural simplicity. Raised on elegant straight tapered legs the back legs are set on square while the front legs are placed at the same forty five degree angle as the top. Note how the front legs feature a shaped profile to reinforce the play of shapes seen above as all were chosen to create a series of light and shadow when seen from various directions. This pair of chests have a secret. Beneath the top is a slender drawer only accessible when the upper drawer is opened with its key. When this drawer is open one is able to reach underneath the inside an gently push the slender drawer open to access its interior. because there are no knobs or pulls this drawer is difficult to discern but even when noticed is impossible to open without opening the upper drawer. The lower drawer also opens with its own key in each antique chest. Even the sides on each of the chests are used to showcase the superb walnut and the design has the walnut grain placed horizontally to echo the front walnut. This pair of large and impressive antique chests have a modern appeal and will be especially beautiful in a modern home.
# 0142FMA110


50.00" w x 21.00" d x 36.00" h

127.00cm w x 53.34cm d x 91.44cm h