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Pair Biedermeier North German Mahogany Chests circa 1820

A pair of Biedermeier period mahogany chests from North Germany circa 1820. The distinctive shape of this pair of antique chests reflect the architectural styling notable during the early part of the nineteenth century. Fashioned entirely of beautifully matched mahogany veneer each chest has three drawers. Please enlarge the photographs to see the individual details that give this pair of chests their unique appeal. The façade of these chests show the desire on the part of the original designer to create a sense of difference as each of the three drawers possess a different shape and size with the largest drawer placed in the middle. In addition the middle drawer is defined by its recessed section in the geometric shape of an octagon. The upper drawer is slender and has a raised and rounded cushion shape while the lowest shelf is completely rectangular but is set further forward than the two drawers above. Separating each of the three drawers is a raised section of molding to define their differences and do note how the sides of each chest repeat the slight forward movement of the lowest drawer. While this difference is easily apparent when seen from the front the differences are especially notable when seen from the sides. All three drawers feature an escutcheon of bone set within the mahogany and open with the provided key. We are especially charmed by the base of each chest where the ribbed apron appears to be drawn up in the center by an invisible cord creating a pleated fabric effect. The top of each chest has a rounded front corner along with a slanted wider molded edge placed just an inch below. The use of this wider molding beneath the top is to visually balance the substantial appearance of the base when seen from any direction. The careful placement of the ravishing grain of the matched mahogany cannot be overstated as this attention to detail is readily apparent on every surface of each chest. Wherever this pair of antique Biedermeier chests are placed in a new home they will be a subject of fascination and desire becuase of their unique form and superb craftsmanship.
# 013SFMA132


35.50" w x 17.25" d x 33.25" h

90.17cm w x 43.82cm d x 84.46cm h