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Pair Hand Blown Glass Vases Orange Stripe from Holland

This unique pair of hand blown glass vases from Holland each possess an asymmetrical shape along with a broad painted orange stripe that defines the surface of the glass. These vases are the same height and may be displayed as is or converted into a pair of custom lamps. The translucent glass both captures and reflects light in an imaginative fashion and the differences in the shapes between the two vessels is quite intriguing. Please be sure to enlarge the photographs to see the individual qualities that make these modern glass vases different and the same. The last photograph shows our entire collection of these vases including the two pairs we have in stock.

# 009KHGS26


13.00" w x 13.00" d x 16.00" h

33.02cm w x 33.02cm d x 40.64cm h

Sale Price $417.20 Regular Price $596.00