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Pair Italian Mid Century Modern Green Terra Cotta Vases circa 1960

A pair of chic Italian mid century modern green glazed terra cotta vases circa 1960 of unusual form. The intense green color of the glaze highlights the tall and slender silhouette of this pair of Italian vases. When seen from the front the vases have an elegant slender neck with a slight lip and shoulders that flare outward before tapering to the base. Pay particular attention to the raised edge where the neck is attached to the body of the vase. The curved line is quite beautiful and unexpected. The real surprise of these vases becomes apparent when they are viewed from the side. Marvelously shallow they are ideal for standing upon a narrow mantel or shelf where their unique profile may be admired along with their gorgeous color. Please be sure to enlarge the photographs to see the details giving this pair of modern vases their distinct appeal. 

# 014TFMA8


12.50" w x 5.00" d x 20.75" h

31.75cm w x 12.70cm d x 52.71cm h