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Pair Marbro Style Vintage Wallpaper Roller Lamps circa 1940 Lucite Base

A pair of similar Marbro style vintage wallpaper roller lamps circa 1940 custom mounted on a circular Lucite base. These are the actual mechanisms used when printing wallpaper as the raised metal pattern was inked before rolling across the prepared paper to leave a continuous image. Because each wallpaper design was different so were the individual rollers. We especially like this set because one pattern is more open tahn the other resulting an impression that there is a difference between the two cylinders. Please enlarge the photographs to see the different raised metal patterns as one shows more of the underlying wood frame than the other example. Also notice how the upper sections just beneath the shade are varied in color as this is another clue the patterns are dofferent from each other. These vintage wallpaper roller lamps have each been custom mounted on a Lucite base and wired for American electricity. Also fitted with a three way socket for a standard base bulb we chose the modern linen shades to emphasize the contemporary effect. 

# 011IGCCA5


16.00" w x 16.00" d x 32.00" h

40.64cm w x 40.64cm d x 81.28cm h