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Pair of Antique Italian Walnut Winged Gryphons Italy circa 1780

This pair of fabulous antique Italian winged griffin gryphon carvings from Italy circa 1780 are a rare lot. Sculptural in effect and meant to be seen from all directions these representations of the mythological beast of the air, the winged griffin, are masterful. Each beast has an extravagant curved tail with fierce talons. Instead of the usual eagles head these gryphons sport a lion head complete with a beard. Please take time to enlarge each photograph to see the exceptional skill of the sculptor who created these pieces. Note that each beast is slightly different in expression and wing span characteristic of hand carving.

# 004ATMD6


14.00" w x 6.50" d x 14.00" h

35.56cm w x 16.51cm d x 35.56cm h