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Tall Organic Modern Teak Wood Pedestal Column Stand from Indonesia

A pair of tall organic modern solid teak wood pedestals or columns from Indonesia. Each contemprary pedestal column features a natural surface achieved by removing the outer layer of bark and polishing the smooth top that reveals the tree ring pattern. Please be sure to enlarge the photographs to see the organic growth of the timber revealed on all four sides as well as the difference in color from the paler top to the deeper color of the sides. Although these modern pedestals are slightly different they were created from a single enormous tree and possess the same measurements in order to be a pair. They are the correct size to flank any doorway or window with their stylish presence and unique appearance. And yes, because these modern column pedestals are made from solid timber they are quite substantial and heavy!

# 008VHGS6


16.50" w x 16.50" d x 43.50" h

41.91cm w x 41.91cm d x 110.49cm h