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Pair on Vintage Cloisonne Vase Lamps circa 1940 Lucite Base

This pair of vintage cloisonne lamps circa 1940 feature a custom mounted Lucite base. The combination of the shape of the temple vase along with the precision of the design gives this pair of vinatge lamps an especially graphic and modern feel. Please note that while the overall decoration is symmetrical and balnced in a contemporary manner the center body of the cloisonne vases depict a lush arrangement of flowers. The peony, considered the Queen of Flowers in China, takes center stage on both vases along with smaller blossoms. The organic shape of the individual flowers is particular suited to the rounded profile of each vase. Cloisonne is an ancient decorative technique where wire borders are affixed to a metal body in a custom design and then filled with brilliantly colored enamel before being fired in a kiln. When the cloisonne has cooled sufficiently the entire vase was polished to reveal the edge sof the metal shape so there is a slight gleam reflected off the surface. Now these lamps ahve been wired for American electricity and fitted with a three way socket for a standard base bulb. We chose modern linen shades to complement each lamp for a contemporary feel.
# 011HGCCA4-1


16.00" w x 16.00" d x 28.50" h

40.64cm w x 40.64cm d x 72.39cm h