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Pair Tall Modern Lapis Lazuli Blue Chinese Hand Made Globe Vases

A pair of tall modern Lapis Lazuli blue hand made Chinese globe vases. The intense blue color of these vases has been an eternal favorite ever since the first time using crushed laps lazuli ( a metamorphic rock ) was discovered to create a superb deep blue. The simplicity of these vases gives them their distictive shape with the globe shaped base supporting a cylindrical neck. Extremely difficult to achieve when hand made because the shape must be exact to create a pair. Please be sure to enlarge the photographs to see the gleaming surface of the glaze as well as the inside of the neck where the hand fired nature is apparent. 

# 009PHGS31


11.50" w x 11.50" d x 17.00" h

29.21cm w x 29.21cm d x 43.18cm h