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Vintage French Gold Metal Fixtures with Sputnik Lights circa 1950

These stylish vintage French chandelier fixtures circa 1950 were originally holiday decorations used in a department store where their richly reflective gold glitter surfaces sparkled and twinkled amongst the other lights. The metal parts create a spherical enclosure with swirls along each of the horizontal ribs and the vertical ribs rounding out the sphere. Now these largs orbs have each been fitted with an interior light source comonly known as a Sputnik after the famous Russian space satellite launched in 1957. The powerful sight of Russian space supremacy jolted the United States to create NASA and sparked a love affair with the modern lines of the Sputnik shape. Each of these French lighting fixtures chandeliers have twelve lights encased within the spheres and each arm takes a chandelier base bulb. The vintage French fixtures each have 6" of chain as well as a canopy making them ready to be installed. We have two of these unique lights and they are sold separately. Each vintage French light fixture is priced at $3,716.
# 0035MCB86


30.00" w x 30.00" d x 30.00" h

76.20cm w x 76.20cm d x 76.20cm h