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Petrified Wood Ring Sculpture on Stand

A striking example of petrified wood having an open center polished on both the front and back with rounded edges.. Achieved after wood is submerged in water the petrification process occurs from the lack of oxygen and the wood material replaced by calcification resulting in a hard stone formation. This piece of petrified wood is particularly interesting because of its asymmetrical form and the open center. Almost all petrified wood comes from an entire tree trunk and is shown as an entire slab. The sensuous curve of the outer and inner edges creates a sculptural interest in this piece of petrified wood and has a unique appearance when seen from any angle. Includes the custom iron stand. 

# 011KGSA106


14.00" w x 7.00" d x 14.25" h

35.56cm w x 17.78cm d x 36.20cm h