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Poliarte Style Brutalist Italian Modern Floor Lamp circa 1970

A stunning vintage Italian floor lamp, in the style of Poliarte, having colored glass and a fishtail design. This magnificent vintage floor lamp is made of solid hammered hand forged iron to create a striking visual impact. The square column is faced on two sides with hand cast colored glass elements that display one hue when the lamp is off and a brighter effect when the lamp is illuminated. Supported by a fabulous fish tail base in reference to the marvelous inverted dolphins seen in many of the Baroque fountains in Rome this Italian lamp displays massive amounts of hand applied details. Please enlarge the photographs to see the closeups we offer in order to truly appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship exhibited in this vintage Italian work of functional art. Now wired for American electricity.
# 016RFMA40


27.00" w x 17.00" d x 66.00" h

68.58cm w x 43.18cm d x 167.64cm h