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Set Three Antique Painted Bird Head Decorative Sculptures on Stands circa 1890

A set of three antique Indonesian carved and painted bird head decorative sculptures circa 1890 originally used atop columns. Now liberated from their former role these individually made pieces have been mounted on iron stands to emphasize their beautifully graphic appeal. Please be sure to enlarge each photograph to see the unique depiction of a feathered bird head along with the original painted finish. Because each piece is an original there is a slight difference in the height.

Large - 5"w x 6"d x 9 1/2"h

Medium - 5"w x 6"d x 9"h

# 011YGSA95


5.00" w x 6.00" d x 9.75" h

12.70cm w x 15.24cm d x 24.77cm h