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Shagreen Green Leather Open Box Vide Poche Tray Hand Made

A hand made and handsome vide poche tray box of green leather and shagreen (stingray skin). The ogee profile is raised to create a safe place for small objects that tend to stray. The French "vide poche" lierally means empty pockets and as seen in the photographs (please enlarge to see the details in closeup) this tray box is perfect. Using forst green color leather on the upright sections both outside and inside the artisan chose to use the highly decorative stingray skin known as "shagreen" to line the interior bottom of the box tray. The contrast between the materials is beautiful. Created entirely by hand, there is only this one example.

# 065ZA4


12.25" w x 10.50" d x 3.00" h

31.12cm w x 26.67cm d x 7.62cm h