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Three Modern Painted Lychee Tree Trunk Table Seat Stool Bench from Indonesia

A set of three hand painted lychee tree trunk tables seats from Indonesia each having a distinctive circular shape with a raised ring decorative profile. The solid timber seats are quite substantial in weight so sturdy and durable. It is the hand applied painted finish though that gives these unique decorative pieces their appealing charm. Please be sure to enlarge and zoom on the photographs to see the details of both the shape and painted surface. Suitable for either a seat to perch upon or as a side table pulled up where necessary these pieces are full of personality. We have three of these and they are priced individually at $636 each. You may purchase one, two or all three as desired.
# 0108HGS49A


14.00" w x 14.00" d x 16.00" h

35.56cm w x 35.56cm d x 40.64cm h