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Live Edge Natural Teak Tree Trunk Table with Round Glass Top, Indonesia

This unique and one of a kind tree trunk base from Indonesia has now been fitted with a circular glass top. The wonderful organic quality of the tree trunk showcases both the smooth exterior and the darker more mysterious interior. These trees are responsibly sourced and replaced by younger trees. The process for achieving this finish is quite fascinating. After the trees have been felled the outer bark is removed and the soft pulp of the interior is washed away leaving only the hardwood. The remaining timber is capable of supporting weight and being used for a variety of purposes. These examples are actually natural sculptures created in nature and then transformed for an interior use. The glass top allows the beauty of these marvelous creations to be viewed from all sides when seated at the table.

# 60GSA2


66.00" w x 66.00" d x 29.50" h

167.64cm w x 167.64cm d x 74.93cm h