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(On Hold) Two Antique Italian Grand Tour Intaglio Seal Collections circa 1875

(On Hold) The undeniable graphic appeal of these two antique Italian Grand Tour Intaglio plaster seal collections circa 1875 remains as potent today as when first mounted. Please enlarge and zoom on the photographs to see the individual likenesses on each of the seals and the manner in which their size and scale relate to the others. Composed primarily of portrait medallions and miniatures of famous sculptures such as the "Laocoon" (on display at the Vatican) these seals evoke the Grand Tour status of those titled English gentlemen whose education consisted of a journey, often lasting a couple of years, to see the Classical sights of Italy. Plaster seals were an especially popular acquisition to ship back to England to fill a home along with statuary and paintings.

# 005SGM4


1.50" w x 23.00" d x 29.50" h

3.81cm w x 58.42cm d x 74.93cm h