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Modern Hand Made Chinese Mei Ping Plum Branch Ceramic Vases

Two modern hand made Chinese Mei Ping glazed ceramic vases with a monochromatic color. This type of vase with a narrow neck atop a larger body became known as "Mei Ping" becuase it was considered the best shape of vase to display a flowering branch of plum blossoms. These vases are made by hand including the glazed surface and have the same effect as antiques with some differences in shape and smoothness of the glaze. Please enlarge the photographs to see the delightful variations that make these hand thrown glazed pottery vases so desirable for a contemporary interior. These vases are offered each at the listed price.

# 009QHGS32


8.00" w x 8.00" d x 15.00" h

20.32cm w x 20.32cm d x 38.10cm h